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Saturday, October 31, 2015

It has been so loonnnggg since am here once again.
I hav stopped blogging for awhile. Hmmm of cos there is a private blog. But stopped since im getting pretty busy with wedding stuffs previously.

Unbelieveable but yeap. Tied the knot, vowed.
So now im living tgt with shiro with my in laws.
Life still goes on. Previously i felt like shiro place is like 'his home'
While my home is 'my home'. But after im married. I have this strange feeling like I dont belong anywhr lol. Both are no longer 'my home'. And feel rather strange when I went back to the home I grew up in. Everything turned alien overnight. Like i no longer belong there . And it will be awkward of me to slpover or something..  So strange huh.. lol!
But still can say tt im blessed. My MIL will hlp to wash my clothes *laugh cry face*
I feel happy and paiseh at the same time.
So now it is kinda like an auto mode for me to wash my clothes if im home in the morning. Prev if im free in the morn, i will hit the gym. Now kinda hard. Either wash clothes, wash clothes, iron clothes  or vacuum room. Cos i know my hair.......... Hahaha

Shiro started uber
Of cos it is kinda hard. No one said it was easy
Seeing him work so hard abit heart pain :(
Hav to start driving 7am come home nap like 30mins or so around noon then continues till night.
Of cos first 2weeks is like trial. Will learn to be smarter over time. Haha
Cos was in fact quite stressful when i did the excel sheet for his earnings.
But seem like things are getting better... Bopi.
So now we are at around 3-4week.
Hope it gets better!
Oh well it is kinda like a motivation factor. Cos i know he will be home late so theres no excuse for me not to work, RIGHT! So I hav to work more! Lol
Anywayyy we missseeedddd soooo mannnnyyyy goooodddd sshhoowwwss already!!!
Thou he had sun off, we hav diff things happening on sun tt kept us occupied. Cant even movie or sing k or go swimming etc . Just no time :(
Still trying to adjust on this.. Dam difficult. Struggling with time.
Even going into JB is like time consuming until.... To the extend we feel that we shdnt waste such time tt can be spent on sleeping and regaining energy. Driving wholeday is like shagness for him. So kelian right. We better be adjusting this time thing soon. Abit driving me crazy liao. Cos i dint want any opportunity cost caused just bcos i wanna have fun. Tt is so not right!

Shiro is still the same.
And im surprised by some of his actions i must say.
Some are good pleasant surprises.
Some are what? Disgusted surprises. LOLS
Ohwells. Lets focus more on positivity.
Im shocked tt he abides by the 10promises rule!
Tt one really i anyhow type one. Hoping.... It is like my wishlist haha
He diedie wants to give me 20% of his earnings (havent deduct away exps) -.-
I really think it is not a gd time to kickstart this. Cos new job need time to adjust first..
And 20%,shd be on his net earnings bahhh.

I must say initially I thought I will have too little me time. Since now we are two instead of one . Lol
Who knows right now, I feel that I am having too much of me time !!! Ironic huh.
I have to wait home till Shiro comes back late on weds, fris & sats.
So bored at times. Omg.

DOLA shiteru @ 1:04 AM

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Here to send my deepest condolences to our nation father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
I know this is kind of wrong, only to recall, appreciate, show gratitude towards all of the things he did only when he is gone. Sometimes makes me wonder if it is a Singaporean thing. Take things for granted. Only thing we don't forget is to complain, whenever something bad happens and blame others for it. When things are good we enjoy.

I do have hell lots of thoughts and prayers I held in my heart.
The more Shiro reminds me of how much he did for us.. (Practically everything, from education, safety, our home, transportation, to where we stand today ,our economy, our strong buying power.) he made me feel so much like to just rush down queue just to send him off.
But I can't :( due to personal reasons.. The fengshui shi says am forbidded to attend any funeral/wake,  irregardless of how close that person may be to me. It's kinda sad. I hope my thoughts will reach him, and help him advance to the next level, Paradise.

Some feelings are hard to put in words.
If u can feel em..

Yes and I heard a meaningful quote over the radio. "If you want to know what LKY did for us, just take a look around you. " because everything you see is his effort, his vision to bring us to where we are today. Thank you, Mr Lee. You must be elated to join hands with your wife now. You did enough for us, please rest well and be happy. We will do our best to continue uphold n improve this city you held so close to heart.

Anyway, back after 2yrs or so?
Have been constantly thinking abt this blog.
How I wish I can be transparent here. But yea I can't sorry
I have a personal or rather private blog to keep my thoughts.
I need to rant type or write to reflect on self. But some feelings are nt for sharing.. Paiseh. Lol
But I will keep this open, who knows 1fine day.. Will be back here blogging. Ja neh.

Since am already here, lemme just update few things in life?
-  Expanded my world vision for past 2years. Hav been traveling ever since I started this me career lol. To Taiwan- Hong Kong + Macau- Beijing - Germany (Munich)- Bangkok- Phuket

- Bidded BTO back in early 2013. Gotten Tamp  BTO. Like a finally pls. Coming in 2016

- Agreed to ROM this year 26th Sept 2015. Because Shiro and I dint want a clash of huge events. Will be too financially burdened. So yea, will hav to live in his rm . As of current, we are shopping around for bed (just bought) , book shelves for our mangas, drawers, quilt n blinds. Will be getting most of em frm ikea. Lol.

- went for photoshoot earlier this yr. 1mth back, totally enjoyed ourselves.

- so currently we are busy planning for the wedding. Ok maybe only me. Haha

Alright tts all folks.

DOLA shiteru @ 1:49 PM

Thursday, September 13, 2012

These are from my SII once again. haha. Dont really have the time to sit down, relax, think, type.
It all happens on train/ busride/ waiting time. LOLS.

So scandalous pls.
Seem like V is not single for all these while. But doesn't concern me as it is his priv life. Just not lies, like what J did can already. Still can take it.

Met up with panda mummy, chingu, Charles, Adrian. Not a v full dinner but enjoyable night.
Feel kinda bad not tellin em about my plans. The time is not right yet.
Need to wait for the clouds to clear.
Cant even start my papers as of current.
And, i cant wait to start studyin for those papers. wanna clear em asap.
but still i have to wait for Friday. The battle between the mgrs.. Truly hope it will turn out to be the outcome i want... hwaiting.

Im addicted to B1A4 Baby goodnight and firefly.. catchy song and baby gnight nv fail to lift up my sprirts.

am quite busy, haven't been watching any shows except RM (w sis).
Went Gardens with my fam last sunday! Flower Dome is so so so so pretty!!!! snapped like mad. haha. my mum is soooo humorous.  She stated that she dint wanna take pics w the fresh flowers bcos? She will look older beside em. lmao!!!!! Its a really joyous day! My papa is pretty hyped up all the way, chat and talk non stop, its really funny.
Glad that he is happy  ^^
Had so much pics in my cam. NEED to upload em!
Shd organise more of these outings. And will bring em overseas when I hve the financial ability to. Will work hard. hahas.
anw im heading back to Gardens comin sun ^^ This time, will get the chance to eyefeast on the nightview and pretty lights. hee.

omw to swim alone. First time thou. Shiro is lazy and he hates swimming now, cos it will expose his fats. -.- v irritating pls. Wanted to swim more. lemme try out swimming alone. hahas.

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYYUKI!!!! Pls bless her with happiness and laughter.
Am still waiting for friday..
Shd swim more next time. And time to get a new normal plain dull swimsuit. To avoid attracting unwanted attention.
Something was on my mind yest which made me feel like slapping self. Thats why i got out of the pool earlier.. zzz.
was supposed to meet Shiro tdy but he actually took on taekwondo coach role (replacing kn's bro place)
but its okay. am kinda excited for him. It was once his dream to be taekwondo instructor. hahas. and am going to watch him ^^

I think its time to change my blogskin and pics on the left division. So outdated pls. but just thinkin of removing my NANA banner leaves me kinda sad. It is really my fave, and dedicated in memories of Ren莲 . Of cos I still cant get over him thou the author somehow stopped drawing... I will think of my next banner... meanwhile I'll update my new likes +new selcas. muahaha. oh. and new skin! Time to find skin first. Flowery? Naise?
okay change of plans. its raining so cant meet Shiro anymore =3 = boring.

Super impromptu change of plans and followed by me celebrating myyuki's bday for her!!!! ^~ ^
Bought a surprise mini bday cake left it at Ichiban. Went to get the movie tix (Step Up Revolution ) and then queue for Ichiban  :]] Like so much done in the evening,  love this kinda fulfilling feel.
Wanted to make that day as special as possible...  since she cant celeb w tt guy... chatted abt so many things! I told her my plans. and surprisingly,  I have nt told her abt Shiro &my story. hahaha. She says its cute. But to me, its kinda cruel,  hurting others in process... anw dint knw it is so fun to meet up, jus the 2of us. been yearsss since this happens. Hope there's more to come  :D

oh anw, movie ended ard 1130. Asked Shiro to come fetch me. LOLs. He actually agreed! Good boyf. wahaha. He described how he coaches the kids, laughed so much. He actually taught em how to tie their belts -.- and jus get em to kick and run. cos they are hyperactive, so they love to do all those meaningless stuns. haha! anw they are too young to rmb and learn patterns.  lol. and Shiro cant rmb his patterns. He used to practice patterns infront of me back in sec sch.

Today is such a scary day. Esp lunch hours . Hate the kinda feeling. Awaiting anxiously for news/ results. What u can do is only to trust. Heart is racing, mind is unfocused. Pls let this be over and let me knw the outcome.
Pretty sad. Thou I had expected this outcome, still feel extremely sad.... maybe it is not the end. Why isit that one wrong step. Wrong timing led me to such path w/o a choice??? Just like the song in phantom of the opera. "Path of no return". Where is the human rights? Does policies overrule human rights? Le sigh. I mean, I will have to think it through. Think twice, trice, whatever.

It is now, my battle.

gg to checkout the mini park didi told me abt. im looking for a place to jog. pathetically, there isnt a park ard my block -.- the park tt I went to previously has been intruded by many malayboys playin scoccer. they built a mini scoccer cemented floor.  -.- & this park is like 8mins walk frm hse. zzz.

yeahhhh. HAPPY 9YEARS TO SHIRO (yesterday ).
did a mega change to my FB and seem like everyone has been waiting for me to post or rather set pics on Shiro &myself. O.O got shocked by the no. of likes. -.-

I like the photoshoot pics. filtered hell lot and rushed to edit like madd for past 2days! Too many fat shots and truthfully, Shiro's hair doesnt look gd . lol. 
By right, he shd attend trainng. by left, the annoying force decided to postpone the training w/o any  notice!!!!  So i cancelled the other photoshoot (meant on 3rd morning ). And when i found out we are free on the 3rd , tried to get back my slot, but failed. :( but the photographer is really nice. Put up with my nonsense. lmao.
dint have much plans for tt day. Think i shd let my heart out, singing. Shiro &I loveee to sing. But of cos diff genre. He love to sing oldies esp rock oldies.

K-Oed on Sun w/o completin my edit works cos of the Gardens outing w panda mummy,  shak and chingu. Super tiring pls. Even had shoulder ache, can u imagine. We feasted at night at Swensens. And i got Shiro to fetch me once again. lol!!!! He wont reject as long as he's free  ^^ (He used not to be like now)

Some changes within these 4days.
Met E on tues. After conveying my story across, it seem that I finally see light. im not without a choice.  E is so naise!!! Very attentive and kind. Tried to hlp me out as much.
And she passed me my 1ST TEXTBK. my 1st paper coming up. aint kidding. 360over pgs.. OMG. and worse is, i need income and study at the same time. Complete self study.. they provide classes too, but cant attend bcos of wrk..

ive extended my stay to mid oct.
aint sure if im able to cope.
so hard to study now bcos bkk is all over my mind!

met up w P² yest. Exchanged $$ at Chinatown. then we went on to discuss our bkk trip. At least there's some improvement!  Settled our 1st 4days + last day  itinerary. Oh well, we are by ourselves on first 2days. bcos liyi can only join us on Mon wee hrs! She will be missing chatuchak.  :(  thus we will chiong chatuchak for 2days  ^^ then followed by Platinum. Will be taking public transport to hotel and to chatuchak. (Did my research okay!!!)
Now needa research on MBK and Ocean park, both reco by Pau's brother. Also our night mkt,  floating mkt and lady boy show!! 

wahahaha gonna ooVoo again i guess! it is so interesting to video call! even liyi joined us frm China! hahas. Will try to install the webcam i bought previously later. so i can research while webcam em. hahas.

Songs on repeat: Zea- Aftermath & AOA - Elvis.

Went facial on sat. and the wounds has yet to heal.
Will be meeting E and J tmr. Pit in stomach...
met up with Jess dear in d afternoon yest, glad that she will be supportive of me  :))) thanks so much dear! im gg to learn more of horoscopes xD it seems pretty interesting coming frm her! haha.

Dinner was on mum, at Swensens with many other relatives  ^^ was pretty full. lol.
OH! My younger bro was crowned HALL KING on sat night!!!!! Many thanks to those whom had lent a hlpin hand by likin his pict on FB. hehehe. Proud of him hahas.
He's so busy, dint even hav time to stay home, and he needs to go back hostel already.. awwww. 

took out my lugg last night!!!! It will be a rather busy week for me.. not much time to pack my stuffs lol. wrote out a list, hope i dint miss any impt stuff out.
Getting all excited!!!  esp for this shopping mall called Terminal 21~~ and ocean park. Gonna enjoy much for this trip before the torture comes in. hiak.

Need to start planing after tmr.

No pain, no gain.

Nothing comes easy.
Success comes from the hard way.

am so broke again.
always back to this. Angst.
So mayb i wont be bringing extra cash to bkk? le sigh.

Purchased the admission for Ocean Park & Ladyboy show~~~ haha cant wait. I shall start parking a lill tonight. hoho.

DOLA shiteru @ 10:04 AM

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Annyeong. Here to paste the stuffs I had typed over past week.


Yes. I threw the letter.
Finally. It has always been caged.
of cos its joyous! I smell freedom. lotsa new exciting experiences awaits me. I can finally learn new stuffs other than AP. expose myself to more opportunities~~
and these 3years of AP is.... how shd I put it? A mistake? hav been constantly told by various agents that the amt  of  experience I have are nt enough to get me the jobscope tt I want, let alone a higher salary. Simply, these 3years is waste. And sort of a hindrance.  know why? with this little salary,  the companies will hav this false impression that im asking for an almost 1k salary jump (in addition, with this fkin little experience ) of cos they will discard my application.  Dammit. and the thing is, what im actually asking is a degree salary, not a freakin jump from my pathetic current salary. kinda mad at this point. #sulk.

of cos i knw, during these 3years I have gained hands on experience on acc software. well, it seem so common that it is definitely not a plus point...
with my current situation and mood, it is really hard to convince myself that I have great 3years past experience. Otoke???!!! How do I persuade my future employers? #SlapsSelf. How tough it is right now. Ive tried getting my msg across to those left in the cage. well they can only understand when thy are undergg what im through right now. of cos it will be diff case if some co came along and offer them a position.
Maybe at the end of the day. It all comes down to..... LUCK.

shall update again. getting results on fri.

and this results thing is stressin me out big time. IF am on my own, i can handle it perfectly.  BUT. this time , i have so many asking me details of my results!!!!  How I wish that i can view my results as I please, and not having someone pestering,  asking, nagging, showering concern over it. please leave me alone. I like to do things my way. Hate to live under expectations of others .


am recently very obsessed with No Min Woo!! not tt Shinhwa one but former The Trax member (under SM). He has rocker backgrd, can play piano/guitar/electric guitar/drums. he's currently pursuing career in acting industry!  and sang several OST songs!!!!
alright main point is, he is talented + has really PERFECT LOOKS AND SEXY BODY. damn. I definitely have a thing for guys that are related to Rock. esp those that play elec guitar and drums. (this is influence frm NANA)

was whatsappin chingu last night. Finally completed Big! its kinda lame. anw both of us started on Minwoo's short drama! its called Rock Rock Rock! Featuring a famous guitarist (elec guitar) in korea. he's quite old now. Min Woo is the main lead! Acting as the guitarist in his teens~~~ and OMFG. he suits that char so well!!!!! The battle of elec guitar sets my heart racing +smiling all the way. He looks so cheeky, shuave, sexy and cool at the same time !!!!!! Ahhhhhhh! Just completed 1st epi only, can u imagine? lmao. Simply love that elec guitar battle scene. MinWoo is really talented. Makes me kinda wanna learn too!!!!!
This shall be after i settle my life changing issues first. It wld be best to hav my own hse to store those guitars . no one will nag at me. hiak.

Another caged : Mok. lols think he is the only one with similar wavelength as me.

went for interview this evening.
Did a paper on jnls on accrual and prepayment,  can u imagine?  lols. and the interview is really as how the lecturers always described!  Strengths and weaknesses. This is the first time I had encountered such typical interview.  lucky i did some homewrk. -.- anw the job sounds tough.  like v tough. may need to work on weekends or even public holi. cant claim OT as and when, but only during peak period. and there may be daily task assigned. all gotta be done within the day! haha. still considering... but of cos the jobscope is what i want, more exposure and there's job rotation every year! so interesting~

16th aug
Did archiving today. worned out. and so many injuries, my nails cracked and there are scratches on my arms!  Omw to swimming complex w my sis. Yes tire self out so can slim dwn. wahaha.

and yes, tmr is the day. will I be able to go to sleep tonight? There seems to be something burning at the pit of my stomach. Blowing off any min. Kowai. Le sigh. I knw i did my best. but maybe nt for ISO. cos its such a let down (my perf). ︶︿︶ cold feet.

well if i cant secure anything before flying to bkk, I will do something abt it aft im back.. so effing irritating listening to all the same rants. same comments. Might as well enjoy self to fullest first. Irtitated much.

17th Aug

ya knw im like super freaked out this afternoon when Jacky told me that results are out. cos i realised i cant rmb my effing candidate no. !!!! we need candidate no  /SRN no/ d.o.b to view our results..
i tried ransackin the uol site, student portal, but to no avail.

was rather dampened, cos i really wanna knw my results. i have this unsettling  feeling for ISO. cos i srsly wrote too little zzz. like 2.5 page per ques only.

anw i tried to push all negative feel aside and am well prepared to face the truth. however, it seems like god doesnt want me to view my results. .... until chiayen told me tt I can call RELC and they can feed me w my candidate no. lol. so i dialed immediately!  and really. thy sorta expexted what im askin for and within 1min, i obtained my candidate no. it fits perfectly into my trial and error list (1of the no i have not tried) WOW . lols. well the number drove my fam in chaos. hahaha. I even wanted to head home, obtain my no. + results before headin out again to meey yeobo and Pers... well, thanks RELC for saving me! lols!

anw tried logging in again. and scrolled down, saw that all 5freakin subjs indicated "PASS" so shock, so happy, miraculously. turned and told shak tt i passed all!!! so excited. I was so scared!!!! but damn happy . finally i can let another stone off my chest. lucky all the effort, hardwork, stress that I've went thru had been paid off !!


It aint easy. It is tough.

There is no such thing as "easy way out."

Whether my choice is correct or wrong, depends on how you view it.
It may seem dumb to some people. therefore if im really going for it, I will make the choice right.

I opened up to so many options,  hard to decide. Life is short, I feel like trying something different and further look into my interest.

Ohai. Still in search for direction. Hopefully aft tmr, I will have a better idea. am meeting bao's mgr  :)))
actually,  just thinking abt the limitless possibilities gives me chills filled w  excitement ...

and still, am accepting interviews for accounts positions. This seem like a gd opportunity as well.. no close doors, only open doors.

anw did i mention?  my sis is actually supportive of me! shock me pls! and yesterday,  hadda chat w Shiro, he too is supportive of my plans. cant be happier. thou i have not set my decision,  its a relieve that am nt being discriminated.  cool.

truth is, i cant wait for tmr.

hey peeps.
i have made up my mind. im entering an industry which is absolute foreign to me. and it is of unlimited opportunities.
where hardwork gets recognized and will be paid off.

it sounds too gd to be true? it is true but of cos there's a price to pay. Hardwork.

I m definitely willing to workhard.
For sake of money. And of cos for  parents and for love.

but as of current situation,  it is kinda messed up... will need to settle it first... hope it can be solved. I can then break the news to my mum....

i must thank my sis for listening, giving me alot of advises, scoldings and encouragement.  As for Shiro he's kinda down cos i will be workin closely with guys. my mgr. lol. unavoidable this kinda thing. Hope he understands and support me all the way. I knw he can do it.

There are always pros and cons to every situation. 2sides to everything,  depends on how you see it. Our point of view may not be right,  but it is a form of philosophy that we believe in. Believing in ourselves.

Will you still accept someone after you realised he isnt honest, lied. Without  a twinge of guilt, he's able to lie right under your nose , smile, chat happily. Gives me the creeps. Because he is that good at lying, it made me believe him for a sec. So scary. I made myself promise not to get involved with him, but somehow... its complicated.  Things aint that easy, the world doesn't allow me to keep my promise... hope i can find a way out around here.

Victor is so nice pls. Really honest and straight forward. It will be great to work under him. cos i knw his style.

DOLA shiteru @ 1:27 PM


Yes, it will be our 9years & 11 months tomorrow.
How time files.

I have alot of things in mind.. things that i wanted to accomplish.
Guess will have to take baby steps, one at a time..
Well, we plan to ROM on our decade anniversary. 
it is scary how time flies, we might nt make it.
Okay, meaning we will have to go for TW photoshoot Apr next year. isnt tt scary?
so soon. (Main point: Both of us are FAT now)
well we wont be having wedding dinner, thus will need those photos ready by ROM date. (makes sense?)
Insanity, now tt i think abt it, it doesnt make sense at all. 
Plan fail. hahaha

oh list of things i wanna accomplish:
- Driving (cant run away no more, time to face it)
- Take up Japanese Lang. (this is my dream ever since young )
- Diet (Be inspired)
- Dyeing my hair 
- Dyeing my hair w blue streaks (Sadly, not in near future)
- Take up Mani/Pedi courses (Certified)
- Master Gyaru eye make. (Truly inspired these fewdays!)
- Getting BTO for real. (Need luck on this)
- Finding suitable locations for solemnisation
- Finding a good job 

Wells, looking at my list, somehow I have reached my 2nd part of life. Le sigh.
Upcoming Tamp BTO in sept. only pathetic 380 units, we are like staking our luck on this. Need to pray to gods from all mediums! lols.

Sometimes, there are too many options in life.
Hard to choose, which to choose?
How do you know if your choice is the Right Choice?
I wonder.........................

DOLA shiteru @ 1:26 PM

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Current state: Vexed

Tried talking to my sis yest, and it got worse.
Cant possibly tell anyone bcos it is basically my own choice for what im suffering and going through right now.
I know that I did a great job enduring and overcoming obstacles up till now, I have absolutely no idea how I survived….but somehow……………. It is reaching my limit.
Im tired.
That’s why I’ve said, im not worth praising. I may be of worth in the past, but definitely not now.

My choice now is to wait. Let time passes by quickly…… Wait, but this waiting time is killing me.

Please ignore this “ lost the sense of direction in life” me.



Im rather disturbed by some comments made by someone. Idk why, I’ll be able to accept, if those words came from another.
Perception, I guess?

Don’t worry, the fog has slightly dispersed.
Dim light shining through that fog. Found some directions in my life, but yet to figure out how to accomplish those dreams.
Taking baby steps right now, slightly helpless, but at least am moving forward yeah?
Helplessness, my only saviour is Myself.

The very virgin time purchasing airtickets and booking hotel.
Kinda proud of myself. #Grins. Like a mission accomplish only. Hiaks.
Its also my first time seeing such pathetic balance in my bank a/c. #FacePalm
Kinda stress lookin at it. Already lost track on it, unsure if I overspent or not. =--- = the worst.

Recently am into manga. Think I did mention abt this manga apps called “Mangazoo” Im still reading from there. Most of the series are incomplete, lols. I will continue my search on baidu and most of the time, will complete my series on baidu with Chinese subs. Haha, lame, I know.
Some stories are interesting, like this called “Boku Wa Imouto Ni Koi Wo Suru” it has an incest storyline. Yucks, I know. but interesting. Hahhaha
They even came up with anime and MOVIE -.- how sick is that? I have yet to watch either. Lols… wonder how thy gonna film it. -.- don’t imagine!

- Hadashi de Bara wo Fume (incomplete)

- Ultimate Venus (complete)

- Stardust Wink (incomplete)

- I Love HS (complete)

- Desire Climax (complete)

*Forgot to mention, there may be sexual scenes =.= hhahhahas. And they are all LOVE STORIES. wahaha

Keeping close watch on:

- L-DK

- Bokura ga Ita


Was reading Cheesie's blog and she intro-ed a cam. Sony F3.
It seems great!!
but the body kinda too light for the lens. -,-
Received piece of gd gd news frm my sis. wahahaha
oh well. it will NEVER happen in StarHub due to its very inflexible "culture" it is so stupid, sometimes. Whatever.

Cant believe D&D is next week #Mouth-open. jpeg
went to draw the table no. and amazingly we got no.26.
like 2nd row and middle of the hall? madness. such gd table. LMAO.
and they were saying they will push me into hell (on stage) if need be. Dafaq =.=

Caught free movie: Bernie, last night.
it is a boring show, but a true story!
Shiro then rant on abt a case in SG years back where they hung a man without concrete evidence. that was the First and only (as of current).
oh gawd, im turning bi. yes bisexual. LOLS.
Sandara why so pretty, hot, cool?
her new hairstyle really daebak.
and this chingu keeps tempting me to go shave my side too. URGE IS HERE.
damn tempting pls.
im kinda bored with my hair cos of the long fringe. it sucks =- =

I met myyuki last sat, i went to her hse. and we chatted.
well.... truth prevails.
it is time to stand on own and be independent.

and tt crazy girl hadda humongous collection of OPI and China glaze nail polishes!
Aint exaggeratin at all. madness! and i receive quite a no. of presents frm her as well >/// < sooo sweet and nice pls!

Some shocking truth too, which I made me despise tt person wholeheartedly.
His actions had smeared and stained another persons life.
Even with his whole life, think it is still not enough to repay the debt.

Oh, and there was this MAGGOTS incident in our hse too. Dafaq.
it happened ard 3-4weeks ago where a stench suddenly appeared in my parent's room.
because our dressing table are all built in, mum suspects that there was some dead lizard or mouse or rat behind the table. And then slowly, she found maggots crawling ard her room. Every night, she will wear her specs squat for hours searching for them to appear. she tried means and ways to get rid of the stench and even tried sealing up gaps/holes with tissue/ paper. And not to mention, she is sucha clean freak.. with this happening in her life, it is sorta like a disaster and she cant slp well everynight. =.= AND ALSO, insect bites started to appear on my parent's skin.
they look like mosquito bites, v itchy but it will somehow swell slightly and darker shade than mosquito bites. Not only my parents, i got biten too =.= around my neck, arms, legs. No idea what is causing all those "bites".
and then the truth surfaced when my mum ask for help to remove the dressing table. nothing is behind the table but something is behind the cupboards below the window grills. A BIRD NEST. as mum described as " A HUGE NEST" apparently, the outside layer of lousy thin wooden plank was somehow broken and some birds started building nests in there = --- =
mum managed to remove whatever tt is behind the cupboard, but unable to remove whatever that is under the aircon terminal cos it is out of reach. so another round of help came, with the aircon technician.
and guess what? they found 2 tall nests at each corner.
1 of the nests had EGGS in it!
The EGGS are not ordinary eggs!!!!
they are turquoise eggs, roughly ard 5cm SUPER PRETTY PLS!!!
i was shocked when i received my bro's whatsapp. it looks like dinosaur eggs. DAFAQ!
so beautiful!
then i rushed home to look at them. XDDDDD
and then because u knw, frm the above, the nest is too v unhygienic. we cant afford to keep it near us anymore and continue living with maggots and mysterious bites. therefore came to an conclusion to leave it on a tree. Yes i knw it s cruel.
we feel damn sad too. my mum even apologised to the eggs, can u believe it? She is really affected by it. and warned us not to mention it again, otherwise she wont be able to slp at night. lols! of cos i hope i can keep the eggs, who dont!???? BUT, it doesnt belong to me but the Robin bird. Now we gotta pray tt Robin will find its way to its eggs.. thou the chance is slim. God bless!


Addicted to Beast new song: Midnight.
Yoseob's voice really suits that song. damn nice pls. it is on repeat.

2NE1's comeback is sooo nice pls. Loving Dara's hair!!

Just posted in twitter. One of the reasons why am into Kpop and Jpop.
The vocals are of quality, the music is of standard, the LYRICS IS MEANINGFUL.
Pardon me, cos it left me in shock and disappointment when i learnt the lyrics of several clubbing songs (which are catchy). The lyrics are so lame. =.= meaningless song. how can one put emotions or effort in singing something so lame? i dont get it. at least chinese songs like Jay's are meaningful. At least he put in much effort into those chim chinese lyrics (poems and such).

well if you read the translation of Kor and Jap songs, u will realise how meaningful they are! Esp Jap songs. The words they chose, the way they expresses themselves through the lyrics. Deep, clear, strong and passionate.
Feel their emotions when they sing.
Hear them, feel them.

Met up Charles, Mok and Adrian on sat.
Hadda good laugh on Charles's followme GEL-led hair. muahahaha, forever hot topic. =x Watched Abraham Lincoln again. LOLS.
And i forgot to bring my pigu card out T___T
so wanted to snap a pic with chingu. (PIGU CLUB). sighs. all thanks to my family.. =.=

Bank acc balance kept reducing. Cold sweat.
Kinda scary..
Shiro sponsored me 200bucks for BKK trip. wahaha how cool is that!
hehe think he's saving up for "something" not sure if it is for his new bike.
He preempt me sayin tt we shdnt dine in restaurants so frequently, unless if there is some special stuffs. I laughed. and replied " I AM SOMETHING SPECIAL" wahahaha. his face immediately became like this: ----______---- HAAHHA EPIC.

oh anyway, came across this anime OVA on youtube.
turned out to be Yaoi. and this is like the REAL Yaoi. Jaw-drop.jpeg.
well aint sure if it is realistic at all...
Shiro sure complain tt im sick once again, hoho gonna pollute his mind/ mindfked him later. hiakhiak. (well u gotta understand, I can share this with no one, but Shiro =.= only he can withstand my sick-ness. he knws tt I read/watch, he does not judge me and still loves me, aint he great? hehe-- oh well he feels gross out, but I'll just cont rambling... muahaha, evil, i know.)
First time watching such........ errrrr obseen Yaoi =- =
Think it is neither good for eyes nor health, so I better not intro it here. LOL! and once again the author of this manga is a female. Jap female like all hentai sia. scary =.= Will they devour their partner whole? O___O


Seriously hope that this time we will get it. (BTO, I mean)
It might be taboo to say too much here, so.........
yar somehow need to get it off my chest. LOL

After almost 9years, came to a conclusion that Shiro is the right choice.
Wells, my thinking sure had changed. Somehow, it is scary how drastic the change is.

Anyway, he gave me 50bucks cos he knew that my bank is left with less than 50bucks... oh well, my pride is sorta trampled on. T___T
That is what I always do when he is so broke in the past. And it is happening to me now. le sigh. Will be sure to return him! Anw, my payday is just 2days away, but he insist that i shd have some cash with me... (which im sure i wont be spending, other than for lunch)

D&D in 2days time.
Had already done up my nails. Love them. wahaha. Skull, vines, chains, studs. ^~ ^
(I really should take up mani/pedi courses in the near future. lols.) And sort of have an idea what to wear. Planned already. Shiro is fetching me there so I can wear a little more exaggerated. hiaks.

Currently watching BIG and also 2NE1 + Dara TV.
BIG is kinda funny. haha. and im sure alot of girls will nosebleed over the mainlead.
LOLS. but he is too old for me soo.... its like looking at ahjussi acting cute.
wahaha cos his soul was exchanged with a 18 year old. damn funny pls.

And Dara is soooooo pretty and cute!
She always makes alot of weird noise, such as "do doong, puing, go go go!" wahaha super cute pls. Completed season 3, going to find sources for season 1 and 2. heee.
She will make a great couple with GD. She's such a petite! LOLS.

Just received my increment letter. Must really thank my sup and boss for fighting hard for me ^^ See some light after 3 donkey years...
yayyy, cant wait!

gonna try some luck later. maybe I shd do the draw lots thing again.
im in goodmood now!!! :DDDDDDDDDD

31 July 2012

IKR, this entry drags as long as a month? LOLS...
Last day of July.
BTO shd be launching today. Bedok has been removed, nt sure why thou.

Shiro passed his CLASS 2A!!! Finally, aft several tries~ he's so excited.
and started looking for 400CC bike right after the release of results O___O yes, he is going for CBR400. he took his test on fri, even after my work, he rode ard ubi asking for diff offer. (He is really serious)
he met up his frds on sat morning and continued his search.
Met me in the afternoon with decision made. Brought me to tt workshop and proceeded with the documentation. Everything is in a flash- Blink of an eye. Bike will be ready before national day. Amount to top up is around 1.8k.
Scary. Anyway he wants me to choose the colour spray for his bike, however, after i chose skyblue and white, that freakin workshop staff commented that tt sportsbike is OLD and the colour gotta be old too. i was like wtf, we are the owner, not you. and his taste is so UNCLE pls. he says tt the navyblue with shimmer is CHIO. WTFsss. it is UNCLE COLOUR. is he blind?
i told him the design of CBR400 is cute, so it goes well with cute colours too!
but he insisted say it looks better in dark shades such as black, blue, red. (fierce colours) well, i leave it up to Shiro. he says skyblue+white gets stained easily, esp after downpour. T^T there goes my skyblue. le sigh. so in the end, after much discussion, he settled for yellow base with black as design. alright, at least yellow is his fave colour. not like full black or something, v boring..
thing tt worry me is, shiro is leaving the design up to tt uncle taste guy.=- = i have not much research done on bike design, otherwise i would be able to giv him a design. arghs.
i dint knw it is so complicated... shd hav done some work myself.
and tt damn shiro actually told me tt its okay, cos their taste are SIMILAR.
#Horrified jpeg. Killmeplease.

we went to Queenstown once again to get my specs done!
bought the frame and the optician helped with the lenses. 40bucks =D
ate Katong Laksa =D
Wanted to head to Hortpark again but tt shiro is naggy. he wants to head back home for a shower zzzz. well he is my mode of transport, what can i say?
we headed out again at night, wanted to take a look at TampOne's Daiso! hahas
bought some stuffs. including a kawaii bear metal rice mould. lols
and we bumped into Anli & Jojo. He is still as gdlooking + SKINNY. yes, that is the main point. Shiro is too fat. hahahaa
oh and we went to NTUC for our picnic ingredients! ^^
wanted cocktail sausages, but they doesnt carry the brand tt i like. so we settled for TWcocktail sausages, seaweed chicken, ham and bread...
on sunday~~~ we preapred the food at ard 430. innovated, using the bear mould as bread cutter, super kawaii pls. so proud of the creation, shiro parents were delighted too. wahahah
brought some fruits, puddings and icedwater.
simply loveeee Barrage! love the kites, skies, scenery, wind.
it is Shiro's first time there. Glad tt he enjoyed too. He wants to fly kite the nxt time round. haha so cute.

Currently reading this manga, not sure of the eng title...
its abt student of age 16 married to her teacher, age 24. haha its so innocent cute and funny xD completed series. niceeeee~
and have yet to complete BIG!! Fail =x

Ayumi newest MV "You&Me" she's so chio in there, esp her hair. the sunshine malelead is jap. thought he was handsome but nahhhh. my focus is all on Ayu ^^

DOLA shiteru @ 11:41 AM

Friday, June 01, 2012

Losing hope. All those dreams I once held when I was 18…. were shattered. For real. Realised im getting tired from all these hassle. I don’t knw what I want anymore.. those things that I’ve yearned for so much are now unattainable and unreachable. Am trying to get as much advice as possible, hoping that I can see the light. Yet to no avail. Deep beneath, am aware… that no one can save me… but myself. I need to save myself, lift me out of these misery. But it is not time as of yet… Patience. Patience. Patience. met my yeobo today! she hadda new hairstyle! permed hair! looks sooo diff! hahahas i think she still look as cute, jus tt with eyeliner, she looks older than the usual "16 self". she looks like her age today. wahahaha Chose a charm for her Pandora bracelet! Really glad to be part of her precious bracelet... at first,was having a hard time choosing, was rather puzzled cos am nt sure to choose something that represents her or myself... then it suddenly strike me that i shd choose something that represents BOTH OF US!! that will be............ a Luggage!! v cute one hahas! not one bit of regret! Yeobo loves it too! Happy... hehe! Naise chat w Yeobo, laughed so much thanks to her. hahaha. yeobo really likes to praise me... but I think am nt worth of her praises. I should be stronger, firm and clear minded. Hope my mist will clear up soon!

DOLA shiteru @ 12:29 AM

Monday, May 28, 2012

Wae am I feeling so lost? Its kinda pissing me off… it is like im standing in the mist. Not sure where am I, not sure what is coming, not sure what is ahead of me. So unsure of everything. Seem to have lost my time management skills. What happened srsly? Why does it seems like im busy everyday and there is no breathing space? Been wanting to travel. And because of financial constraints…………… I cant. Sometimes I hate myself so much.. for the things that im suffering through right now. Jolly well knw that am not able to survive with this little money. And yet, I chose to stay? Hatred. God, Shiro’s bday is like a week away! Otoke???? He’s working that day, and am meeting up my unnis, chingus , Charles and his frd. Am heading to JB on sat. and most prolly meeting Shiro on Sunday (the day which am supposed to prepare present etc). #KillMePlease? Otoke Otoke Otoke Otoke Otoke Otoke Otoke Otoke Otoke Otoke!!?? Feel like baking, but there’s no time……… unless it is a belated present T_______________T Like a useless girlf here please. Sighs. Hope I can come up with something to make him happy. ****AND HE STILL OWES ME A NEOPRINT SHOOT**** Aint sure what he needs now thou, cos he no longer a gamer. LOLS and guess what?? I asked him what he wants for his bday and as usual, expected answer from him. " I want you " LMAOOOO. Cheesy? He's always like this, hahaha of cos i feel happy. cos im priority in his eyes/ world. now you knw why we seldom exchange present? Sometimes it is not items of monetary value that counts. Just havin each other's company is enough and it is also the greatest present. (Well, maybe this ONLY applies to him, i think. buahaha ) headache still............

DOLA shiteru @ 9:48 PM